Anke Recktenwald’s
Way of teaching

Connection – Trust – Performance

A concept for more balance – connection – mobility in your life and with your horse

The first step to fine, attentive communication and a trustful relationship with horses is learning to understand them. „Learn to hear the horses’ whispering“ is what Robyn Hood, Linda Tellington-Jones sister, says.

Horses are our teachers and friends in one. Unwanted behavior is in most cases caused by fear, pain or incomprehension of the instructions received. Horses communicate through their behavior and thus indicate where there is a problem. If this communication is overheard or overseen again and again, the horses’ trust in the human goes missing and they start to follow their own instincts and basic needs in order to feel safe.

When they learn that we listen and respect their needs, horses as heard animals will quickly turn towards us and will be thankful for competent leadership. What do you look for in a good leader? Learn to be the best leader for your horse and you will find that you have a highly motivated companion.

We use the Tellington Method ® to enhance the physical wellbeing and optimize the physical, emotional and mental balance. We reduce stress, boost the learning ability and even turn sportive training into a pleasure for horse and rider.

Riding, too, starts with understanding. Understanding our own anatomy, feeling the relationship between mobility and balance and experiencing how horse and rider become one in their movement.

In order to become one, we learn to be open towards our counterpart, to be, as a rider, flexible enough to follow our horse and to attentively change our ways of acting in order to be a good leader. Supporting and guiding, yet without interfering with rhythm and balance.

With Feldenkrais and More : We learn to better listen to the intelligence of our body again, and to use the horse’s feedback to enhance our riding. This provides opportunities for self-correction, and exhausting or even painful movements can stop.

Unharmonious or strenuous patterns of movement in the horse damage health. We can enhance and eventually dissolve such patterns. With a balanced rider, our horses will quickly find their balance and free, beautiful movements.